HELP! I don't feel well. 3-Part Series

HELP! I don’t feel well…. How are you feeling? Like really feeling? Most of us don’t feel very well most of the time. We tend to ignore these seemingly minor discomforts until they become too unbearable to handle. In this 3-part series, nutritionist and colon hydrotherapist Wendy Sebastian will focus on the root causes of digestive discomfort. From the way we were born to our daily mental state to the food we put in our bodies, there are myriad factors that impact our digestive health. 


Wendy will break down these factors, explaining how and why they make us feel the way we feel. She will offer tried and true methods to mitigate the impacts on our digestion and provide a pathway to healing and feeling great!


HELP! I don’t feel well… Part 1: Foundations of Digestive Health

Tuesday, Feb 27th


HELP! I don’t feel well… Part 2: How our digestive system responds to stress, food, and fatigue

Tuesday, March 27th


HELP! I don’t feel well… Part 3: The path back to wellness

Tuesday, April 24th


Hosted by: Wendy Sebastian


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Did you miss January's webinar? No problem! You can sign up and watch the video!

Creating and keeping New Year’s Resolutions can be challenging. We often start the year motivated to make changes! But life takes hold and we begin to lose momentum. Join Wendy Sebastian, successful author + nutrition coach + wellness provider + colon hydrotherapist, for a powerful 60-minute virtual workshop on creating and sustaining health habits throughout your year!


Wendy doesn’t believe in quick fixes and fad diets. There are no major changes to make right now. Her methodical approach to building a sustainable, healthy life is based on her life extensive experiences and those of her many clients. Learn about simple changes you can make to your diet and daily routine that will set you up for success. 


Focus on your digestive health as a way to bring greater balance and wellness into your life. Gain Wendy’s tried and true tools for health and wellness!



  • 45-minute virtual workshop with Wendy Sebastian + 15 minutes of Q&A

  • Journal Questions + Goal Setting Worksheet + Daily Rituals for Success Tips

  • Invite to private RYSE Facebook Support Group

  • Wendy’s Fitness Tips

  • Downloadable presentation PDF and video


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