My philosophy is very simple: eat from the earth, create a lifestyle that you sustain and enjoy for the rest of your life. Evolving over the years, I have the learned to understand the human body and how it digests food in all its complexities. From Metabolic Capacity to Metabolic Adaptation to ATP to Digestion and Allergies. Through experience, knowledge and new information constantly being revealed, it's a love affair that has never died.


Suffering from a eating disorder most of my life, I tried every diet under the sun.  I began to see  the insanity of my behaviors and how I didn't accept myself. I was constantly trying to change myself to gain acceptance through dieting and exercise. I finally surrendered and found out how simply living a healhty lifestyle really is. This does not mean it  is easy. I truely believe alot of people are looking for a miracle cure or a guru to save them.


We have complicated things as a society, and in turn it has caused us to become sick and full of disease.  Not just from the food we eat, but also mentally and emotionally. We are in a relationship with our food.  In the same breath there is a lot to understand about the body and how we metabolize food.  Every person is different. It is all about science and chemistry. Once we understand each individual’s personal chemistry, genetic make-up, behaviors, and history relating to food, we can begin to find a solution.


My goal is to fuel your soul with nutrients so you will be healthy from the inside out. Not only will you look good, but you will feel good too. My job as a Wellness Consutlant and coach is to educate you and to support you, so that eventually you will have the skills to make your own healthful decisions about food.


You will learn to make healthy food that tastes great!  I truly believe that if you can NOT see yourself LIVING  the diet you're on in six months or a year from now,  it probably isn't the right diet for you! You will regain the weight back, and research shows your will regain more. Dieting in AMERICA is one of the largest money makers. Companies market 'fad diets' knowing you will regain the weight back. Nurtition is about creating a healthy lifestyle. You should be able to enjoy the food you love and achieve the goals you desire. You don't have to starve yourself to loose weight. Loosing weight is process, and anything that is sustainable takes time! 


As a client of mine you can exspect?

  • eduacted, have a clear understanding about nutrition and metabolism

  • work to maintain  and achieve your ideal weight

  • Reduce and understand cravings and binge eating

  • energy, mood and hormones will level out

  • self confidence

  • Learn about new foods and how to pre pare them

  • Improve personal relationships



Your program Includes:

  • Diet created specifically for  you

  • weekly check-in via telephone 0r in person

  • weekly check-ins( measurements, weight) via email

  • weekly adjustments to your plan as needed

  • coaching and support to help you make the dietary and lifestyle changes you want

  • my personal experience and suggestions to your health and success.



Nutrition and Online Personal Training Package:

  • All of the above 

  • Virtual terminal with a personal train ing plan designed just for you

  • weekly check-in Via telephone or email

  • Monthly  apppointments and assesments

  • Coaching and support to help you attain and achieve your fitness goals

  • My personal experience and suggestions to draw from

  • over 2 decades of training experience and a National Figure Competitior








if you would like to find out more about my nurtrtion serves, please book a consultaion by clicking book it. 

Please download Nutrition Intake packets and bring to you appointment comnpleted

Thank you.





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