A Colonic session detoxifies and cleanses the buildup of waste material, especially that which has remained in the colon for some time including impacted feces, dead cellular tissue, accumulated mucous, parasites and worms.


These poisons can re-enter and circulate in the blood stream making us feel ill, tired or weak. Impacted materials impair the colon's ability to assimilate nutrients including minerals and vitamins.


Finally, a buildup of materials on the colon wall can inhibit peristalsis muscular action causing sluggish bowel movements and constipation. Hydrotherapy has been used throughout history to cleanse and improve digestion.

Food For Thought


Let’s look at this: We clean our teeth daily, which is the front of our digestive system. Shouldn’t we clean the back of our digestive system the same way?


If we spent as much time on preventative maintenance   on ourselves, as we do our vehicles, our society as a whole would be healthier and wouldn't require doctors like we do today. We get our filters and oil changed in our vehicles every 3,000 miles and we do our tune-up like clockwork. But why don’t we take care of our bodies the same way? If we cleansed our bodies and our internal organs with the same discipline and importance as our vehicles we would reap at the very least the same benefits of doing car maintenance.


Let’s talk about pooping! The truth is that people are so embarrassed to talk about it, which affects the ability to relax and flow with our bodies natural process when it’s time to release. We poop, it’s part of our anatomy.. and it’s very Important.  If I don’t poop I don’t feel good.. Why? It’s because my sewer system is backing up into my body and it’s toxic.

How long does it take?   

Treatments last approximately forty-five minutes to one hour. The treatment is comfortable and the most up to date colon hydrotherapy equipment is used, which has built-in water pressure, volume and temperature regulators.  Fully disposable accessories are used in all treatments.


Is there anything I need to do before my treatment? 

You are not required to fast before a colonic, though it is a good idea to only eat and drink lightly 2 hours before your session. Eating well several days prior by including plenty of salads and fresh green vegetables and eliminating processed foods and heavy carbohydrates certainly helps for a good colonic. 


But won't I lose good bacteria?

The healthy bacteria in the average colon are more than likely overrun by destructive bacteria. It is a well known fact that good bacteria (the bacteria which is needed for proper digestion), has difficulty surviving when the colon is impacted with old, putrefied, toxic matter. In fact, one of the aims of colon hydrotherapy is to create a more healthy and balanced bowel environment where good bacteria can flourish. It is recommended that you take a course of probiotics during any colon cleansing and that you incorporate probiotics daily to achieve and maintain a balanced, healthy colon.


Do colonics have harmful side-effects?

Colonics have no known harmful side-effects, it is possible, however for some people to have cold like symptoms or a headache during and after a treatment. This is caused by toxins that have been lying dormant in the colon and are now being flushed out. Some waste deposits may only be partially removed and a small amount may be reabsorbed into the body. Such a healing crisis generally passes quickly, and further treatments will realize a greater feeling of well-being. 


Is colon hydrotherapy beneficial for men? 

Absolutely. About 40% of clients are men, including a number of professional sportsmen. Men get treatment  for similar reasons to women – they may want a detox, a kick-start to a healthy eating regime, or a pre-season tune up. Or they may have problems with bloating, their bowels in general, or their skin. 

What if I am menstruating? 

Experience has shown it is in fact beneficial to have a colonic during your “period”. Some women find having a colonic on the day their period starts or just prior to it helps reduce the amount of discomfort. This is an ideal time as your body is already undergoing its natural detoxification and elimination process. Tampons are mandatory during the treatment.


How will I feel after the treatment?

Each treatment is different, you may feel energized and go skipping down the street but you may also feel tired and need to rest. We suggest you listen to your body and honor how you feel after each treatment. After a series of treatments you may feel like now you can start afresh because you’ve created space for something better. A cleansed and hydrated colon, free of hindering toxic substances can lead to a refreshed outlook on life. Emotions can be lifted and the body becomes hydrated, better nourished and energetic as a result.


How many colonics does a person need?

The number of colon treatments required varies with each individual and his or her current condition, diet and lifestyle. In some cases, the waste is so hard and attached to the colon wall that it may take a series of colonics to sufficiently soften and loosen this accumulated matter. This is why a series of at least 4 treatments is recommended for anyone who has never done any colon cleansing.


How often should I have treatments?

As often as the body allows: during a fast or detox when your body is in release mode, you are able to have up to 7 treatments a week. Otherwise, weekly, monthly or seasonally works depending on what you are trying to achieve or your health concerns - we all have different needs.


Will one treatment completely empty the colon?

Rarely! With up to 10lbs of impactedfaecal matter in the colon, the hardened, rubbery material requires substantial hydration to be removed. We have accumulated this matter over many years so eliminating it can take time. The colon is hardly ever completely empty as it is an organ in continuous use. The objective should not be an empty colon but rather a well-functioning one.

How is this treatment different to taking a laxative or an enema?

An enema will only reach one-third of your large intestine, during a colonic the water goes all the way through the 1.5m of the colon. Laxatives are irritants and do not cleanse thoroughly, they also leave the colon irritated and needing time 
to heal.


Will colonics make my colon lazy?

No, just the opposite. Colon irrigation assists a healthy colon maintain its’ peristalsis and will aid in increasing peristalsis/muscle movement and tone in a lazy colon. Often we see a lazy colon showing signs of increased peristalsis after just a couple of treatments.


If nothing comes out during a treatment, am I clean?

No, it means your body was not willing to release for some reason. You may experience an elimination directly after the treatment or later that day. The infusion of water into the colon will have hydrated the matter in your colon and the rest of your body.


What type of system do you use?

We use a closed system.

Is it embarrassing to have a treatment?

Your dignity is maintained throughout the treatment and the closed system provides a no mess, no fuss, no odor environment.


Is it painful?

Rarely, sometimes during the procedure the muscles of the colon contract which feels like cramping or gas with pressure on the rectum which may cause discomfort. 


I eat really well and have regular bowel movements, should I consider having a colonic?

Do you eat 3 meals a day and have a bowel movement after each one? Do you breathe polluted air, experience stress, eat processed food or drink anything other than filtered water? If you have answered yes to any of these – then YES, you could benefit from colon irrigation.


Are there any contradictions?

YES – please see the list on the WHY page on our website. If you have a condition you think may exclude you from colonic treatments, please call or e-mail us to discuss.         

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