Heavy Metal Detox

Refresh Your Soul works with local naturopathic doctors to offer The Chelation Detox Program.

Chelation (pronounced key-LAY-shun) is the process of removing heavy metals, like mercury and lead, from your body.  We ingest and absorb more metals than we commonly realize.

Unlike many Chelation Detox Programs on the market today, this program combines doctor’s visits, blood testing and lab analysis, with nutrition therapy and colon hydrotherapy. A typical Chelation Detox takes between two to four months depending upon the level of heavy metal build up in your body.


We will refer you out to select naturopathic doctors in your area who will conduct a detailed analysis of your blood and determine the right level of treatment for you. They will provide you with the necessary medications to support the removal of toxic build-up.


Working closely with Refresh Your Soul Nutritionist & Colon Hydrotherapist Wendy Sebastian, the pair will provide you with a customized detox plan that includes following a detox diet, supplements, and colonics.


Learn More About Chelation Detoxing

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Why your body needs a Heavy Metal Detox?


  • Cleanse and remove waste, toxins, and heavy metals

  • Enhance Immunity

  • Reduce pain and Swelling

  • Helps fight Cognitive Disorders

  • Repair gut wall

  •  Increase cognitive function

  • Improve heart heath

  • Eliminate cravings

  • Improve inflammation

  • Feel lighter and sexier

  • Mental and emotional clarity

  • Restore balance in your body's system 

  • Supported for entire Detox

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